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Pamela Meekings-Stewart

Retreat Facilitator

>  Shiatsu Practitioner and Teacher

Registered Marriage and Civil Union Celebrant

Ritual Maker


Life Planning Facilitator and Mentor

Workshop Leader

Workshop Facilitator

Study/Discussion Group Facilitator

> Druid


Meekings-Stewart Productions

> Investment Logic Mapping (ILM) Facilitation

>  Event Management

>  Project Management

>  Film and Television Production / Direction

>  Film and TV Production Tuition

>  Filmography


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Verity Jones

Verity 1Light Heart Massage Therapy

Having graduated as a Registered Massage Therapist from the 3000 hour government accredited diploma programme in Vancouver, Canada, Verity practices an array of therapeutic techniques including Swedish massage, trigger point therapy and myofascial release to enhance relaxation and wellbeing of body and mind. She also employs medically oriented techniques as well as therapeutic stretching and strengthening to aid in recovery from injury, improve posture and decrease pain.

Having always had a deep interest in the Eastern healing arts, esoteric philosophies and the natural world, Verity also practices Namakoshi Shiatsu and holds a degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine.