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Greetings All

Well Druid Camp is over, tents dried and all the bits and pieces put away.  For me the gifts of Camp were many: sharing the circle of friendship and ritual with so many wonderful people including Philip (our Chief Druid) and Stephanie Carr-Gomm from the UK and novelist and Druid Juliet Marillier from Australia; welcoming wind, sunshine, rain and earthquakes; circle story-telling of tales both new and old; beginning our dream of a stone circle on the tor (hill) by placing the centre stone; so much laughter my sides were sore for days; wonderful shared meals; and Tom’s tai chi sessions before breakfast to get us in the groove.  While not written for our Camp, this wonderful poem by our own Dawn McKenzie from her poetry book ‘Just my cup of tea’ seems to capture the true essence of our time together:


woolshed camp web 2014


The song of the spirit of the circle

It sings a rainbow

It skalds a crow

And the new born chick.

It rumbles with the

Movement of Papatuanuku’s belly,

And of earthquakes and volcanoes.


The circle sings rounds!

It sheds tears when it rains

And the trickles play music

As they dance a waterfall

Down the pitted surface.


The Spirit of the circles asks us to centre ourselves.

Yang and Yin in movement.  Tai Chi.



Druid Camp 10th Anniversary

Thursday 15th to Tuesday 20th January 2015