Welcome to the Woolshed

DRUID CAMP 19-24 January 2017


Greetings All

The details for our Druid (Lughnasadh) Camp in January have now been finalised.  Here they are:


From Thursday 19th to Tuesday 24th January 2017 (over Wellington Anniversary Weekend).  Arrivals start on Thursday afternoon but you will need to look after your own evening meal for Thursday night.
Over the period of Camp there will also be time for ‘doing your own thing’ – bushwalking, etc.  Each evening after the evening meal we will have eisteddfod – a coming together for stimulating discussion, story, poetry and song.

The biggest change to previous Camps this time will be (at the request of many Camp attendees) that the evening meal for Friday  Saturday and Monday will be catered!!  The fees, therefore, have had to go up a little bit:

$45/day (or part thereof) for adults; $20/day for children under 12; free for children under 5.  $180 per adult for the entire duration of Camp. There is no charge for the Thursday or the Tuesday.

These costs are still very low and include food for breakfasts and lunches, workshops, camping space, etc. but require that everyone volunteers for cooking, washing up, cleaning, workshops, wellness, etc. If camping is not your thing and you’re not bringing a caravan, limited accommodation is available in the Woolshed – $5 per person per night for ‘marae-style’ sleeping in the downstairs sitting room (mattresses & pillows supplied).


Booking Form to come – this is an electronic pdf which you can fill in and email back to Pamela


An indication of whether you will be attending – before 1st October, please.


Camp information and the Camp Programme will be sent to you on registration.



Details to come
These are the two days we will need before Camp starts.  The main focus is to prepare the site and the facilities – getting rid of thistles and gorse, preparing the barn for kitchen use, preparing the camp site, and weed-eating the Grove and its path.  If these jobs are not for you, don’t worry there are plenty of gentler jobs to be done!  Let’s all pitch in to make this the best Camp ever! Please let Richard pohutukawa63@gmail.com (0275 440409) or me (Pamela – 04 2399234) know if you can help.


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The song of the spirit of the circle

It sings a rainbow

It skalds a crow

And the new born chick.

It rumbles with the

Movement of Papatuanuku’s belly,

And of earthquakes and volcanoes.


The circle sings rounds!

It sheds tears when it rains

And the trickles play music

As they dance a waterfall

Down the pitted surface.


The Spirit of the circles asks us to centre ourselves.

Yang and Yin in movement.  Tai Chi.

(Dawn McKenzie)