Investment Logic Mapping (ILM)

In 2011 Pamela travelled to Melbourne to undertake Facilitator Training in Investment Logic Mapping.  This is the core of the Australian Government’s Investment Management Standard set for all government departments.  It is a collection of simple, common-sense practices that enable an organisation to direct resources to deliver the best outcomes.  It allows an organisation to focus on the real need for an investment or the benefits that would be delivered.  The standard is centred on two simple concepts:

1.  A two-hour informed discussion that brings together those people with the most knowledge of a subject to create and agree to the ‘investment story’, and

2. The depiction of the agreed investment story (Investment Logic Map) on a single page using language and concepts that can be understood by the lay person.

‘Investment’ is defined as ‘the commitment of the resources of an organisation with the expectation of receiving a benefit.’

It is simply a decision-making framework built on the foundations of informed discussion, simple and common-sense thinking, clear view of problems and benefits, and enabled informed decisions about how to use our resources.  It is more about mind-set than methodology.

Principle Behind Investment Logic Mapping:

Benefit Focus – the only reason we invest is to provide some benefit to the organisation

Simplicity – tell the investment story in language and concepts understandable to the layman

Judgement – bring together the most informed people for an informed discussion

Early intervention – the ability to impact an investment diminishes over time

Transparency – the investment story is available to all interested people at all times

(Define the need or problem BEFORE you spend ANY money)

Pamela also offers Investment Logic Mapping for the Self-Employed in her Life Coaching/Mentoring – One on One sessions.

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