Massage Therapy

Light Heart Massage Therapy

The use of relaxation and/or therapeutic techniques tailored to your needs, to assist with stress release, recovery from injury, pain reduction and increased wellbeing.
 Natural carrier and aromatherapy oils are applied to the skin and combined with kneading, stretching and pressure techniques to relax muscles, increase blood flow, mobilise adhered tissues, increase range of motion and promote health and relaxation.
Massage therapy is also effective for headache relief, sleep support, postural correction and various aches and pains including lower back pain and carpal tunnel syndrome (RSI).
It is a safe and soothing treatment to receive during pregnancy and to help your body recover post-natally.


Verity 1Verity Jones BSc. BAppSc(ChinMed). Dip.Therapeutic Massage (RMT)

Having graduated as a Registered Massage Therapist from the 3000 hour government accredited diploma programme in Vancouver, Canada, Verity practices an array of therapeutic techniques including Swedish massage, trigger point therapy and myofascial release to enhance relaxation and wellbeing of body and mind. She also employs medically oriented techniques as well as therapeutic stretching and strengthening to aid in recovery from injury, improve posture and decrease pain.


Having always had a deep interest in the Eastern healing arts, esoteric philosophies and the natural world, Verity also practices Namakoshi shiatsu and holds a degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine.


To book your therapeutic massage please contact Verity:

email:    Ph: 021 029 26841 (text only, please)



Every aspect of my massage session with Verity was a transformational and healing experience as well as bodily pampering. She s so present, and in the now, giving her all to her craft, her massages are an art form and let me feeling inner harmony, deep glowing relaxation and at peace. Verity Jones is an extraordinary woman with the unique ability to tune into the needs of the body, on all levels. I am happy to drove back here to see her again, for me it is clear that her being in harmony with the land here at The Woolshed, being on site, makes for very special massages.  Thanks Verity!
Bascha Meier, Energy Medium, Seminar Facilitator, Mother, Wellington, NZ

Verity Jones was my massage therapist today and she is a remarkable healer.  It is rare for me to get such relief from the chronic (fibromyalgia) pain I experience and I felt very comfortable and trusting of Verity right away.
Danielle Gauld, Vancouver, Canada

I am a retired teacher with MS and have had therapeutic massage treatments every two weeks for the past five years from various therapists. Verity has an in depth knowledge of treating MS concerns.  She has ben working extensively on my face, jaw and shoulders which has been very beneficial in relieving ongoing muscle pain as well as foot massage to increase circulation and stomach massage for bloating. It has helped that she has an awareness of acupressure points.  She has a very gentle, but firm touch.
Sherry Abramson, Vancouver, Canada