The Four Elements of Relationship

With Pamela Meekings-Stewart


A “Goldilocks” workshop (not too heavy, not too light) to explore:


*   Finding your element (Fire, Water, Air or Earth) and its qualities

*   How you relate to other elements and their qualities in relationship

*   Fire, Water, Air and Earth as an ongoing cycle of relationship

*   How your grand cycles and minor cycles ‘sync’ in with other elements and where you are in your cycles at the moment


This workshop grew out of the popularity of The Four Elements of Business workshop.

Many who have attended over the last two years wanted to take this elemental understanding into their personal lives.


The Four Elements of Relationship moves beyond ‘Mars’ and ‘Venus’ to an appreciation of the unique elemental contribution each of us brings to a relationship and an appreciation of the contribution other elements bring in relation to ourselves.