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 Forward Dates for 2018:


625f9fa8-bced-4e7d-be0a-65edcb873feeCelebrating the Goddess

7.00pm at The Woolshed (These rituals are for women only except for Mother Moon on November 4 which is also Beltane. Go to our Celebrating the Goddess page for details)



January 2 – Tuesday  – Wylde Moon
February 1 – Thursday – Tribal Moon
March 2 – Friday – Wyse Moon
April 1 – Sunday  – Magick Moon
April 30 – Monday – The Crone  (Blue Moon)
May 30 – Wednesday – Cave Moon

June 28 – Thursday – Transformation
July 28 – Saturday – Daughter Moon
August 26 – Sunday – The Maiden
September 25 – Tuesday – Moon Sisters
October 25 – Thursday – Honey Moon
November 23 – Friday – The Mother

December 23 – Sunday – Tender Moon

7202fa88-ec98-48da-812f-885dd89fa6aeSeasonal Festivals

All Festivals are held at The Woolshed, Pukerua Bay (go to our Seasonal Festivals page for details)



February 4 (Sunday 7pm) Lughnasadh / Te Waru / First Fruits / Lean Time (at end of GOSS hui)
March 18  (Sunday 11am) Autumn Equinox / Alban Elfed / Poututerangi / Ngahuru /Seed Time and Harvest
May 5  (Saturday 7pm)  Samhain / Haratua / Last Light / Halloween
June 24  (Sunday 4pm) Winter Solstice / Alban Arthan Te Maruaroa o te Takurua / Matariki
August 5  (Sunday 11am) Imbolc / Pakawera / Brighid / First Light / Candlemas
September 23  (Sunday 11am) Spring Equinox / Alban Eiler / Oestre / Te Wha o Mahura / Te Koanga
November 10  (Saturday 7pm) Beltane / Whiringanuku.
December 16  (Sunday 11am) Summer Solstice / Alban Hefin / Te Maruaroa O Te Raumati




The Woolshed awaits your wonderful presence.
Love, light and laughter,
Pamela /|\



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Arachne is the Spider Goddess who weaves the Web of the World and, sitting at its centre, receives all knowledge that vibrates along it. Here are a few ‘vibrations’, i.e. interesting workshops not held at The Woolshed that I think you might be interested in, or upcoming events at The Woolshed not yet in the Calendar.
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