Welcome to the Woolshed

The Woolshed is a farm of 136 acres situated on the hills of Pukerua Bay, clothed in 40 acres of native bush, including some of the last remaining stands of kohekohe on the Kapiti Coast. The original Woolshed building with its stunning views over Kapiti Island has been converted into a home and retreat spaces, as well as work and seminar spaces for up to 20. The Woolshed is gardened organically – herbs, vegetables and fruit – and has three springs of clear water. Pamela Meekings-Stewart is the owner and manager of ‘this little piece of paradise’. Nature in all her hues and moods is nurtured and respected here and as well as offering retreat and workshop spaces, The Woolshed hosts an open Druid Grove (Spirit in Nature) celebrating the eight Seasonal Festivals of the year and a Full Moon Circle for women.


The Custodian of new growth
The ice surrenders to softness
A time of water, initially flowing, babbling,
cleansing, always allowing growth, then
growing still, reflecting
Tentative and vulnerable life forms emerge into
a world of delicate colour and scent,
guarded by Maternal love-wrath
The young learn to move; long periods of caring
The outer experience of beauty
The Symbol, Water: seeks the lowest level
but nourishes all things


Escape. Rest. Reflect. Rejuvenate. The Woolshed offers two secluded retreat cabins in beautiful garden surroundings dedicated to your Total Pampering. Spaces accommodate one person or a couple.

Workshops and venue

A number of exciting workshops are offered at The Woolshed facilitated by Pamela Meekings-Stewart, or the venue can be booked for your own workshop or business meeting for up to 20 participants.

Massage Therapies

Therapeutic Massage and Specialist Massage (i.e. Pregnancy Massage, etc.) and Namikoshi Shiatsu are all delicious therapies available at The Woolshed. These therapies are also available as part of our Retreats.

Weddings & Celebrations

Pamela is a popular Registered Marriage Celebrant for marriages, hand fastings and civil unions. She also crafts wonderful ceremonies for namings, renewing of vows and other special events.

The Woolshed Retreats is now closed for the winter for Total Pampering Days and Overnight Retreats. We plan to reopen on 24th September 2020. Massages with Verity will continue throughout this period and she can be contacted for bookings on 021 02926841 (text only please).

To connect with Pamela on the Wheel of Segais website, click here.