Life coaching / mentoring – one on one

in person or online

With Pamela Meekings-Stewart

Life Coaching / Mentoring is based on the belief that our whole life is our career and that we can have a great time living it. The session or sessions are designed to help clarify your highest spiritual, emotional, intellectual and physical/practical potentials and to identify pertinent ways of achieving them.

In person

Each Life Coaching session is 90 minutes long, and I like people to commit to at least two sessions. The sessions are largely conversational with some written exercises I get you to do from time to time for clarity. My main focus is finding the “passion clues” in your life and then identifying the skills you’re using when you’re having a good time.  We can then start looking at life decisions that fit with your passions (or interests if ‘passion’ is too big a word!). I call it ‘Naming, Claiming and Charging for it!’ I believe that the whole of life is our career and not just the bit we get paid for. That is the focus of the service I offer.

I also use the highly effective Wheel of Segais and Living Treefully principles when working one on one.

As an adjunct to your Life Coaching session, if you would like to cast nine hazelnuts onto the Wheel for clarification, I can also do a READING for you!


I am happy to do one-on-one Life Coaching on Zoom using the Living Treefully model which I think is the most useful. The online sessions last 60 minutes and are usually monthly for at least three sessions. You will need a copy of my book Living Treefully (purchase here) and I email you a Looking Back /Looking Forward questionnaire to fill in before our first session.

At our first session we will get clear on the ‘seed’ you are wanting to plant using the questionnaire you have filled in. Some of my clients do the complete cycle of the Wheel with twelve monthly sessions. Some get to a certain point on the Wheel and can then continue on their own. It is important that new clients sign up for the first three months (Seeding).

Please check The Woolshed Pricelist for current rates and booking contact details.

Life Coaching Testimonials

I wanted to really thank you for a great completion session yesterday and for your lovely company and glass of wine to finish off with. You are a truly extraordinary woman who makes a huge difference in my life. Thank you!!!

Sue Mudgway

I found supervision most helpful. Pamela’s wide range of skills and knowledge meant that she was able to see through issues quickly, teach me some tools to handle certain situations and provide a balanced perspective.

Sandi C