Celebrating the Goddess

Exploring the divine feminine


These evenings are held on the full moon of each month at the Woolshed, starting at 7pm, and the focus of the evening is one of exploring the divine feminine and the role of the Goddess(es) and her ‘workings’ within ourselves and in our lives.
A contribution to ‘supper’ would be appreciated.
The Full Moon rituals are for women only.
If you are new and would like to attend just give Pamela a call on 027 206 8876.

Forward Dates for 2024

7.00pm at The Woolshed (These rituals are for women only)

January 26 – Friday
Clan Moon

February 25 – Sunday
Wyse Moon / Priestess Moon

March 25 – Monday
Magick Moon

April 24 – Wednesday
Crone Moon

May 24 – Friday
Cave Moon / Transformation

June 22 – Saturday
Moon Child / Birth of the Girl Child

July 21 – Sunday
Maiden Moon

August 20 – Tuesday
Moon Sisters

September 18 – Wednesday
Honey Moon

October 18 – Friday
Mother Moon

November 16 – Saturday
Tender Moon

December 15 – Sunday
Wylde Moon

The goddess will not necessarily involve herself in her second coming with the same activities she has undertaken in past or current goddess religions.  She may, but she may also manifest solutions for totally new problems.

Rita M. Gross

……a Priestess has a deep and abiding understanding that the work she does for her community, must be done.  Often it is not even a matter of choice.  There is a light which drives her to do this work of service, which gives her opportunities and leads her in directions so that doors open up for her in ways that don’t happen for all.

Anique Lamerduc