Living Treefully

Workshops for Treefully Managing Change in your Life

There is a natural cycle of change to all things, be it a project, an intention, a dream, a goal, a life purpose, a relationship or a business, that can be found where the forest speaks.

Become seed, become tree, come take a walk in your own forest. Follow the four seasons, their four (inevitable) stages of Seeding, Emergence, Maturation and Manifestation and find answers to your ‘Where next?’ questions.

LIVING TREEFULLY is currently being run as four one-day workshops – one for each season:

WINTER – The time of SEEDING, of Potential and Possibility, of Beginnings. The SEED beneath the winter soil is excited by the spark of life, promising what is to come. Our dreams need to start with intuition, idea, potential, the big picture

SPRING  The time of EMERGENCE. The tiny plant pokes two little green leaves ABOVE THE SOIL and its growth is nurtured by the warming Spring rain. Our vulnerable dreams need nurturing in order to discover their potential and grow stronger. We build resilience.

SUMMER – The time of MATURATION. Under the harsh glare of the summer sun, the plant’s abundant spring growth requires some DISCIPLINE and STRUCTURE, branches are pruned, laterals are pinched out or a supporting trellis is erected, to ensure the best possible harvest (realisation). When it is ready, our dream must be given structure and subjected to intellectual rigour to make sure it can mature to a successful harvest.

AUTUMN – The time of MANIFESTATION. A time of completion, of HARVEST. If we have followed the cycle well, our dream will be realised. A time of satisfaction and reflection.

And the cycle goes on – we can choose DECAY or GENESIS – an ending or the planting of a new Seed.

Our final cycle of the seasons workshop, Autumn, will be held at The Woolshed from 10am to 4.30pm on Sunday 21 May 2023.

The cycle will then begin again in July with the Winter workshop. For more information contact Pamela at Come along and rustle some leaves.

LIVING TREEFULLY can also be run as a one-day workshop covering all four seasons and I will be presenting this one-day workshop in Glastonbury, UK, on Monday 5 June 2023 and at the Dutch International Druid Camp in the Netherlands on Saturday 24 June 2023.

All this ‘treeful’ wisdom can also be found in my book, Living treefully – An Inspiring Metaphor for Managing Change and can be purchased from The Wheel of Segais website.

“Think like a Tree

Soak up the sun

Affirm life’s magic

Be graceful in the wind

Stand tall after a storm

Feel refreshed after it rains

Grow strong without notice

Be prepared for each season

Provide shelter to strangers

Hang tough through a cold spell

Emerge renewed at the first signs of Spring

Stay deeply rooted while reaching for the sky

Be still long enough to hear your own leaves rustling.”

Karen I. Shragg